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ContentKings provides insights on what makes customers and employees happy. And why. Our next step: designing ambitious digital solutions together with our clients and partners. The result: happy customers, happy business.

Our Services

ContentKings optimizes the User Experience (UX) of digital platforms. We work for and through the customers of our clients; by means of User Research, UX Advice, and task-oriented content.


How relevant is your organization online? When are your users engaged? We will connect your internal strategy to the external market demands. Put your money where your mouth is when it comes to making your customers paramount.

Gap Analysis

You put your customers first. Also online. But do you know their ‘why’ and what they’re doing on your website? A Gap Analysis gives answers to those questions. This way you learn how to make your website user-centered.


Usability Test

With a Usability Test, you will see for yourself how customers experience your (digital) offer. The test subjects carry out tasks and scroll through your site with a critical eye. We will list the findings for you and give you concrete recommendations.


An Expert Analysis is a fast way to discover the bottlenecks on your website or in your app. What is misunderstood, where do users pull out? This analysis is ideal when your budget or planning does not allow for a Usability Test or User Needs Analysis.



Endless report pages. An online editorial team that is lost, completely numbed by hasty decisions and lengthy PDFs. ContentKings designs formats and clear guidelines, that will make your editors demonstrably more successful.


Your organization is different from all others. Yet, many bottlenecks in ICT projects are the same everywhere. We have seen them all. ContentKings helps you build internal support in which your customers are paramount.


Ever delivered a digital project? And, what did it look like… six months later? Or a year later? Together with your organization, ContentKings will devise sustainable editorial processes, so that your editors can manage on their own.


Good content doesn’t create itself. Not even in a scrum. And design needs real content. ContentKings will create relevant, real texts. In cooperation with your internal team, or our Associates.


Anyone can improve their skills as Content Strategist, Web Author, Web Editor, or Web Manager. Invest in yourself and your team: take a course or masterclass.


What customers say about us
Zuid-Holland Intranet 2

The translation into Task Canvases worked like a charm. This was inspiring for the design team.

Ingeborg Weltevrede
Consultant Communications, Province Zuid-Holland
ZIN KiesBeter

Research with real users makes crystal clear what the real problems are. With the insights we could start immediately.

Uriëll Malanda
Consultant, Zorginstituut Nederland

Both the initial presentation and the following one to the Management Board were to-the-point and accessible. Loud and clear. CK isn’t shy to speak its mind, but also engaged at the same time. They don’t hesitate to draw everyday practice or the current events concerning the recession into the argumentation. A refreshing approach.

Jan Boeve, Former Director Brancheontwikkeling & Verenigingszaken
Bouwend Nederland
ZIN Farmacotherapeutisch Kompas

Through User Research, ContentKings has given us concrete proposals for improvement. This enabled us to connect the site even better to the users’ needs.

Sandra Landa
Manager Care, Zorginstituut Nederland
Province Noord-Brabant

The quotation was original and unconventional. The meeting afterwards revealed that ContentKings had a fine track record and was able to offer a clear strategic vision. During the first meeting, there was some debate, but we also had a laugh. The selection committee decided quickly afterwards.

Marcelle Hendrickx, Former Head of Communication
Province of Noord-Brabant
Anders Werken 2

Good results have been achieved. Not just from fine visions, but by taking practical action as well. I have heard many excited responses from all those involved. For an organization with several good interim professionals from large organizations, ContentKings may definitely learn to be a bit less modest. A fine job.

Program Manager
Anders werken
Anders Werken

In the competition, ContentKings rose above all others. In fact, during the first meeting, it became clear that they had a clear vision and didn’t hesitate to use sound arguments. Unconventional and cooperative at the same time. After this discussion, I immediately felt that we had found the right people; these are our partners, not just contractors.

Program Manager
Anders Werken

In our province, there are some consultants who challenge us with their vision. But a consultant who convinces us of his vision and is willing to roll up his sleeves … That is unique.

Chairman of the Executive Board
Province Noord-Brabant
Bouwend Nederland 3

I’m not just looking back at a pleasant cooperation, but at a most effective one as well. As I also play an advisory role internally, I am aware that the interaction between internal and external is a delicate one. ContentKings is fully aware of how to realize its added value as an independent consultant.

Alex Nieuwenhuis
Web Manager, Bouwend Nederland
Our Customers
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